Numbas for commerce

Numbas was originally created for maths educators at universities. However, its flexibility and open license make it a valuable tool for all sorts of fields that require testing. In recent years, we have been contacted by professionals from all over the world who have told us how Numbas has helped them complete a variety of work-based tests, from engineering to nursing.

Case Study: Royal Darwin Hospital

Clinical Nurse Educator Antony Robinson used Numbas to test new emergency nursesĀ at the Royal Darwin Hospital in Australia.

Antony adapted the tool to help new additions to the hospital’s emergency department to interpret results from an electrocardiogram, a device which measures the electrical activity of the heart.

Nurses were shown a quiz featuring animated heart rhythms, and had to answer a series of questions on what they saw before interpreting the rhythm itself.

Antony said he used Numbas for the tests as it was flexible enough to meet his needs.

“The commercial tools weren’t able to provide for this use case easily”, he said.


Numbas features full documentation which is always in line with the most recent version.

Numbas Documentation

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