Numbas for Higher-ed Maths

Numbas is free, flexible and open-source, and has been used at more than 30 universities around the world. It was originally designed to help educators deliver mathematical tests, and is able to present data, formulas and calculations clearly. It also gives teachers the opportunity to see each student's progress in real-time.

Case Study: Cork Institute of Technology

Julie O’Donovan has taught a Bridging Calculus course to first-year engineering students for the past five years. When her class size shot up last year, she needed a solution that would help share the extra workload while making sure all students stayed on track.

“Numbas automatically corrected assessments, gave the students instant feedback and even sent the results to my Blackboard account so that I had all their scores on a spreadsheet instantly. Brilliant!

“I noticed that when students were practising questions, they were much more focused on trying to get the right answer rather than giving up after one try. Also, as I could see their marks as they went, I could discretely identify the students who needed a bit of extra help and spend time with them as I wandered around the lab.”

Julie plans to use Numbas in future classes as both a tutorial and assessment tool.

“It worked even better as a learning tool. Numbas kept students engaged for hours. After two hours they were still working away happily and asking maths-related questions to both myself and the other students.

“Numbas is the best computer maths tool I’ve come across. I think it has great potential. I just need time to play with it more!”

Case Study: Kingston University, London

James Denholm-Price has been using Numbas to test first year Linear Algebra students for more than two years.

Adopting Numbas allowed James to replace his multiple-choice paper question sheets with online tests, giving students the chance to test their knowledge of the subject using tests that changed each time.

The randomly-generated questions reduced the risk of copying, and up to 94% of students participated in the practice tests.

Teachers were able to test new e-assessment questions “live” before adding them to final summative assessments.


Numbas features full documentation which is always in line with the most recent version.

Numbas Documentation

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