Numbas training

Christian Lawson-Perfect
Newcastle University

EAMS 2023

Plan for today

Numbas is capable of a lot more than I can show in an hour!

Numbas is an open-source web-based e-assessment tool.

It is aimed at numerate disciplines.

Developed by the digital learning unit in Newcastle University's School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics.

Key features

Applications of Numbas

At Newcastle, we use Numbas for:

Subjects using Numbas

Outside of Newcastle

(as of June 2023, as far as we can tell)

A quick demo

Numbas demo exam

The mathcentre editor

The Numbas documentation

Planning a question

A list of prompts for planning a question

Use projects

Organise material into folders

Use editing history to leave editing comments and set checkpoints

Write good variable descriptions

Use the "random person" extension

Create printable exams with the "printed worksheet" theme

Extensions add functionality

Custom part types allow different kinds of interaction





Source code: