Numbas update

Christian Lawson-Perfect
Newcastle University

EAMS 2023

Photo of Chris Graham, Christian Lawson-Perfect, Laura Midgley and Aamir Khan

The last year

Two people on a production line, with chocolates whizzing past them. Caption: I think we're fighting a losing game!

People who aren't me

Aims for the last year

Will and Aleksas

Will McNestry and Aleksas Bagdonas added a few JME functions; made some UI changes; added an events framework for code to hook into.

Lockdown app

Lockdown app launch screen

Numbas lockdown app or Safe Exam Browser can be required.

Headless testing

The entire exam runtime now has unit tests that can run headlessly. Unit tests run automatically each time a commit is made to the GitHub repo.

A headless person

Browser compatibility

Dropped support for Internet Explorer. Made a tool to measure compatibility.

Screenshot of the "Can I also use?" tool. "The selected features are supported in 96.43% of observed browsers."

Unicode handling

I looked at every mathematical symbol in Unicode.

√(3² + 4²) ≡ sqrt(3^2 + 4^2)

Unicode math normalization project

Printed worksheet theme

Screenshot of an exam in the printed worksheet theme

New editor layout

Screenshot of the editor

Automatic part unit tests

Screenshot of a list of parts and their unit tests, with a tick or cross next to each test

Web-based editor setup

Screenshot of Numbas editor setup web interface

Spreadsheets extension

Offline results analysis

Screenshot of a page titled "Analyse attempt data" with a table of scores for several attempts

To-do list countdown

= 319 open issues! (-49)

Aims for next year: