Numbas update

Christian Lawson-Perfect
Newcastle University

EAMS 2022

“In the coming year, I’m going to focus less on developing new features in Numbas, and more on organising the content we’ve already got.”

Not so much

Community stats

Numbas user meeting

Screenshot of people talking

LTI tool v3.0

We're taking on more hosting contracts (talk to us if interested!)

.exam schema

Numbas Open Resource Library

Aim: Collect good, reliable open-access material in a moderated library.

In progress

Behind the design of Numbas

~ 13,000 words so far

Custom input methods

A Numbas question with a code editor as the answer widget


Pre-submit tasks

Give me one moment please


Graph theory

A Numbas question with some graphs drawn above their adjacency matrices


Improvements to JSXGraph



An item being reviewed: there's a link to the item, a checklist, then a comments thread

Autocompletion in the editor

Aims for the next year: Producing working-out

Working-out for the Euclidean algorithm

Aims for the next year: Lockdown app

Aims for the next year: More contributors!

(177 + 108 + 81 = 366 open issues!)