Numbas is an easy way to create online tests. Our free web-based system helps you build the exams you need to challenge your students, complete with videos and interactive diagrams.

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Why use Numbas?

What can I use Numbas for?

Numbas is perfect for maths testing, but can be applied to many different subjects. Teachers around the world have used it to help students get to grips with their material, and to test how far they've come.


Your answers don't just have to be numbers. Numbas excels at assessing algebraic expressions and more.


Numbas is made for exams and revision. Students can work on equations, master concepts and improve.

Make Your Own

Teachers worldwide are adapting Numbas to help their students learn. What will you create?


Users can build interactive graphs and charts, and analyse data using a huge library of statistical functions.

Who’s using Numbas?

Numbas was created at Newcastle University, and is used in every first-year module at the School of Mathematics and Statistics. However, it has also been adopted by educators worldwide.

Meet some of the people who have adapted Numbas for use in universities, schools, companies and even hospitals.

Higher-ed maths

Numbas delivers maths tests and modules at over 30 higher education institutions around the world.

Higher-ed maths case studies

Other higher-ed

Our users have adapted Numbas to deliver tests for chemistry, business, psychology, engineering and more.

Other higher-ed case studies


Numbas is not just for numbers. Students can master important concepts, and take the plunge with assessments when they’re ready.

Schools case studies


Help your staff to develop their skills, and track their progress. Numbas has been used to create a range of work-based tests.

Commercial case studies

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Numbas features full documentation which is always in line with the most recent version.

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