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As in previous games from the Counter-Strike series, the gameplay in Global Offensive is built around completing certain missions on the map. At the beginning of the match, each player chooses a side – special forces or terrorists, then tries to complete the mission or completely kill all the players of the opposing team.

The game takes place in several rounds, each of them ends if all players of one side die, or when one of the teams completes its mission. In most game modes, after dying, the player must wait for the round to end before respawning.

CS: GO can boast of immense success in esports. In addition to dozens of tournaments from third-party organizers, Valve runs a series of competitions called Majors. They also gave the players the opportunity for csgo skin gambling. These tournaments feature large prize pools that are growing thanks to crowdfunding from the CS community. Each major tournament until 2016 had a prize pool of $ 250,000 and attracted huge audiences from thousands of esports fans in stadiums and millions of viewers on streams on the Internet. In 2016, the prize pool for major tournaments was increased to $ 1,000,000.

Match betting has always been an integral part of CS, because a large number of tournaments and an equal level of teams give a lot of chances to win. The first bets on this game appeared in early versions, then a few fans bet cash live without any particular guarantees of winning.

Today, betting on CS: GO is much easier and safer, since now you can place bets while streaming a match from anywhere in the world, on all major CS: GO tournaments at!

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