Frequently asked questions

What is Numbas?

Numbas is a web-based e-assessment system that helps users create online tests. It was designed with numerical tests in mind, but is equally suitable for a range of other subjects.

How much does it cost?

We have created Numbas to be a valuable resource for educators, regardless of their budget. This is why the system is free and open-source, meaning that anyone can edit or adapt it to their needs.

What makes it different?

Many testing systems can be pricey, complicated or inflexible. Numbas is set up to allow users to start creating their own tests quickly, and to share them with students without headaches.

Educators can set up a free account and choose from a public database of questions, or start creating their own. When they have put together their test, they can share it to places where students are already learning.

Exams can be shared to a wide variety of locations, online and offline, and can be viewed on tablet, mobile or desktop.

Who created Numbas?

Numbas was developed at Newcastle University. However, teachers in schools, universities and companies around the world are now using it to measure the progress of their students and employees.

Is Numbas just for maths testing?

Not at all. While Numbas’ design makes it extremely useful for maths testing, it can be adapted for a range of tests. Organisations and schools worldwide have already started adapting it subjects such as chemistry, psychology, company skills-testing, and zoology.

How can I share my tests with my students?

Classes communicate in a variety of different ways. Some use handouts, others use email, while a growing number interact using Virtual Learning Environments. Numbas supports all of these.

Once your test has been created, you can download it to a USB sticks or DVDs, embed them on webpages, or share them to Moodle or Blackboard.

Students will be able to view and complete the tests on the devices they feel comfortable using, whether that is a desktop or a tablet.

Find out more here.

Does Numbas run on mobile devices?

Yes! Numbas is coded using web standards, so it runs just as well on phones, tablets, and desktops without any changes.


Numbas features full documentation which is always in line with the most recent version.

Numbas Documentation

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