Talks and workshops

The following is a list of events we’ve given talks, presentations, or workshops at, as well as upcoming events.

We’re usually very willing to give talks or run workshops about Numbas. If you’d like to invite us to an event, please get in touch. We can also run internal training sessions, on request.


Event Location Date

E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences conference 2018.

Newcastle University 28 August

Introduction to Numbas workshop.

University of Huddersfield 21 June

Introduction to Numbas workshop.

Durham University 18 June

“Enhancing a one-to-one maths support service with online formative tests”. Talk by Chris Graham at 10th Annual Scottish Maths Support Network Meeting. (slides)

Robert Gordon University 1 June

Computer Aided Assessment in Mathematics. Workshop.

University of Agder, Kristiansand Campus 11 April

Introduction to Numbas workshop.

University College, Dublin 12 January


Event Location Date

EduBites Learning Excellence Series – Maths Bites (internal workshop).

Newcastle University 8 November

A brief Numbas introduction / update. MatRIC Annual Conference.

Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway 11 October

Introduction to Numbas. Sigma workshop hosted by the University of Bath’s Mathematics Resource Centre.(slides)

Bath University 31 August

“Enhancing mathematics support with formative tests and an intelligent session management tool”.

Mathematics Education beyond 16: Pathways and Transitions, a conference of the IMA, CETL-MSOR and Teaching Mathematics and its Applications.

Birmingham, UK 11 July

Assessment Tomorrow / MathSpeak 2017. Presentation of Numbas and the maths e-assessment experience (slides)

Edinburgh, UK 26 January

OpenDreamKit Computational Mathematics with Jupyter workshop. Demonstration of Numbas (slides)

ICMS, Edinburgh University 18 January

Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2017. Talk by Christian Lawson-Perfect and Chris Graham: Supporting Transition to University with Numbas outside the Maths Department.

Durham University 6 January


Event Location Date

MatRIC’s third annual conference. Talk by Christian Lawson-Perfect.

Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway 19 October

E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences conference 2016. Keynote by Christian Lawson-Perfect.

Newcastle University 13 September

Two-hour training workshop as part of Sigma North East and Yorkshire Hub meeting.

Newcastle University 30 June

Training and consultation at University of Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa 21 June

Numbas workshop at Newcastle University

Newcastle University 9 June

Presentation at Sigma NE Hub event.

Newcastle University 8 June

MATRIC/UK Joint Colloquium on Computer Aided Assessment. (slides)

Newcastle University 26 April

Talk, “Adaptive marking in Numbas”, at The e-Assessment Question 2016. (slides)

London, UK 16 March

Talk, “Computer Aided Mathematical Learning” at the 2016 Newcastle University Learning and Teaching Conference

Newcastle University 14 March


Event Location Date

Presentation of summer intern project on creating economics resources, CETL-MSOR 2015.

University of Greenwhich 9 September

Two day-long Numbas workshops supported by sigma network

Loughborough University 6 July

Demo at International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference (slides)

Zeist, Netherlands 22 June

Talk at IMA International Conference on Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths: Enhancing Learning and Teaching for All Learners

University of Glasgow 12 June

Invited keynote and workshop at Computer aided assessment in mathematics colloquium

Høgskolen i Bergen 1 June

Invited presentation, “E-learning and assessment systems for mathematical sciences”, at the British Society of Animal Science Annual Conference.

University of Chester 14 April


Event Location Date

Talk at meeting “Innovative mathematics e-assessment in STEM” (slides)

Leeds University 16 September

Presentation of Numbas

University of East London 3 July

Seminar and workshop: E-assessment in Mathematics: Easing the Workload

Cork Institute of Technology 12 May

Talk at E-Assessment in the Mathematical Sciences: Finding the Formula for Success. (slides)

Middlesex University London 9 April


Event Location Date

Presentation at IOP-sponsored event Promoting learning through technology

Edinburgh University 23 October

Presentation at CETL-MSOR 2013

Coventry University 10 September

Workshop at e-Assessment Scotland

University of Dundee 23 August

Day-long workshop “Building online maths assessments using Numbas

University of York 4 July

Seminar “Computer Assisted Assessment of Mathematics”

University of Birmingham 10 May

Presentation “Releasing the power of the web. A completely client-side approach to e-learning and e-assessment in numerate disciplines

Transforming Assessment webinar 3 April


Event Location Date

e-Assessment Association regional event

Lancaster University 16 October

“Embedding e-assessment in the curriculum” HE STEM e-assessment project workshop

University of Leicester 24 May


Event Location Date

Presentation at CETL-MSOR 2011

Coventry University 5 September

Presentation at e-Assessment Scotland

University of Dundee 28 August


Leeds University 20 April

Presentation at Sigma North West and North Wales maths support hub launch

Manchester Metropolitan University 14 April

Presentation at “Examples of e-assessment systems and future developments.”, for HESTEM Project: E-assessment in Maths and Stats

University of Nottingham 22 February

Presentation, “Formative eAssessment”, Learning & Teaching Development Service event

Newcastle University 18 February


Numbas features full documentation which is always in line with the most recent version.

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