Numbas in operation in 2012

Bill has written this report about how Numbas is being used this year for a University committee. I thought it was worth sharing.

School of Maths & Stats

Numbas will be used for all first year modules and service teaching in Maths & Stats in 2012/2013. This is in formative mode with an in-course assessment component.  Will be extended to all second year modules in 2013/2014. Note that presently this is the most extensive use of formative e-assessment in UK HE and is based on our original award winning use of formative e-assessment.

Transfer to other Universities

Two universities are transferring the technology from Newcastle as part of an HE STEM project: Chemistry at Bradford and Maths at Kingston. This will be finished by August 2012.

Birmingham University are talking to us in early April about using Numbas in their foundation courses and in their maths support system.


There is now a new project starting April 2012 to embed Numbas in mathcentre.

OER and Numbas

We are running an HEA/JISC workshop on preparing OER materials using Numbas on April 10.

This is free and open to all.


We are developing new materials for Maths-Aid using Numbas as part of e-learning and support packages. Also preparing materials and resources (eg DVDs) for revision.