Upcoming talks and workshops – Summer 2015

numbas talks map

Last week we were in Bergen to give a keynote talk and workshop at the MatRIC Computer Aided Assessment in Mathematics Colloquium. A good time was had by all, despite the rain, and now we’re back in Newcastle preparing for even more talks and workshops. It’s a busy time of year!

On Friday the 12th of June, Bill is giving a talk at the IMA International Conference on Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths: Enhancing Learning and Teaching for All Learners in Glasgow, titled “Online Practice in Mathematics and Statistics. A model for community collaboration”.

Next, Christian is in the Netherlands for the International Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) Conference, where he’s giving a demonstration of Numbas on the 22nd of June.

Finally, we’re running a two-day workshop on Numbas at Loughborough University on the 6th and 7th of July, supported by the sigma network. The first day is aimed at introducing new users to Numbas, and the second day will cover more advanced use. The workshop is free to attend, so there’s nothing to stop you!