Numbas talks at EAMS 2021

This year’s edition of EAMS, the international conference on E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences, has just finished.

There were a few talks about Numbas.

I gave a presentation about developments in the Numbas software over the last year.

I also talked in more depth about the new diagnostic mode for Numbas exams.

Frances Docherty and Beth Paschke of the University of Glasgow shared their experiences of using Numbas for undergraduate chemistry resources.

On a less positive note, Chris Jobling of Swansea University shared his Trials and Tribulations of using Numbas for Summative Assessment. Chris’s experience really highlights the need for thorough testing of material before presenting it to students.

Violeta Morari and Clodagh Carroll of Munster Technological University presented their SPIRIT Maths project, which combines Numbas questions with H5P books in a comprehensive study resource.

Finally, Don Shearman and Jim Pettigrew of Western Sydney University asked, “Is Numbas the best thing since sliced bread?” (Ignore Betteridge’s law of headlines)