Where Can I Share My Tests?

Online and offline

Once your tests are finished, Numbas is designed so that students can take them wherever they are already learning.

Numbas tests can be:

  • Distributed on DVDs or USB sticks
  • Uploaded to the web
  • Shared in virtual learning environments, such as Blackboard or Moodle

This means that students can practice their skills wherever they are. on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. When the exams arrive, teachers can test their class on what they have learned, whether they are in a class or studying remotely.

You can find out more about uploading your tests to the web by checking our tutorial guide.

What is SCORM?

While you are creating your tests, you may see an option to “create a SCORM package” on your menu bar. So what is SCORM, and why is it useful?

SCORM is a set of standards which allows programmers to create products that are compatible with a whole range of today’s e-Learning software. It stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, and it dictates how learning content and systems communicate.

By creating a SCORM package of your Numbas test, you can share the content to any SCORM 2004-compatible virtual learning environment, including Moodle and Blackboard.

If you wish to find out more, we have included a guide to creating and uploading a SCORM package in our tutorials section.